Machine learning (ML) models use training data to learn how to infer results for data that the model was not trained on. AutoML  lets you build a code-free model based on the training data that you provide.

If none of the AutoML solutions address your needs, you can also create your own training application and use it to train custom models   You can use any ML framework that you want and configure the compute resources to use for training.

Conversational AI Bots  with NLP for  Web & Mobile  Applications 

SkyLearn Edu Bot


 Meet Edubotty , A specialist in Education Level Conversation. Highly adaptable to all Edu. needs Feeds on Pdf , Text , Images or anything comes to your mind ! along with AI Knowledge Base

Skytech Chat



 Meet Skytech Chat Known for its Website Chat simplicity guiding customers to right track Pretrainied on website


Personality Bot


Wanted an AI bot to speak about yourself like your hobbies, your education background. Perfect for personal websites and blogs. AI Learning enabled.


MediBot V4

Exclusively for Doctors, Pharmacists and Medical Professionals.Available on Web and Appp platform




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